The operations division is responsible for establishing regular project meetings, establishing our Safety and Quality Control Programs, and scheduling the subcontractors and suppliers on the project. It will be operation's responsibility to ensure you are a satisfied client when the project is complete. Our goal is to keep you fully informed on every aspect of your project including the project schedule, cost accounting, coordination issues, and the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of every person. Every project will have a Project Manager, Field Supervisor, and Engineer assigned so there will always be someone available to meet your needs.

  • Construction Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Cost Accounting
  • Quality Control - Scheduling



Ensure Higher Yields with Stringent Environmental Control

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Understanding Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design

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Keep Commercial Manufacturing Spaces Clean and Controlled

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Health Care

Contamination Control Challenges For Health Care Facilities

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A properly designed cleanroom is certified to class in many areas including cleanliness, particle size and count, temperature, humidity, light level, sound level, room pressure and airflow.