We understand the significance of the investment you plan to make and we will provide you with the data you need to make a wise investment decision. Through proper planning we can help you sort through possible alternatives until you feel satisfied our solution meets your needs. Creativity and ingenuity are our key ingredients for success. We will listen to your requirements to control humidity, bacteria, and dust particles and begin the process of developing a solution. We are able to perform a variety of analysis to determine the best type of system for your application, while still meeting your budget and time constraints.

  • Project Analysis
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Return on Investment
  • Energy Analysis
  • Engineering Review
  • Project Cost Analysis



Ensure Higher Yields with Stringent Environmental Control

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Understanding Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design

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Keep Commercial Manufacturing Spaces Clean and Controlled

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Health Care

Contamination Control Challenges For Health Care Facilities

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A properly designed cleanroom is certified to class in many areas including cleanliness, particle size and count, temperature, humidity, light level, sound level, room pressure and airflow.